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Awaiting the Sun

CD Digi-Sleeve, 01 April 2011
(total time: 57:45)

Scenes From A Dream (6:30)
Every Wave Its Prey (4:43)
The Path (10:08)
Way To The Sun (4:56)
A Perfect Place (10:40)
The Path (Reprise) (1:44)
Dawn (20:24)

All songs written, arranged and performed by the Fauns: Jan-Peer, Nils & Falk Hartmann, Maja Langholz, Paul Lesný, Mira Stübing, Jan Hecker-Stampehl, Kirsten Middeke, with Marion Bauer on guest guitar. Piano & keyboard arrangement on A Perfect Place by Stefan Ermel.

Produced by the Fauns.

Recorded and mixed at recordmode Tonstudio (Berlin) by Marco Ponce Kärgel.

Mastered by Tom of TM Productions.

Cover design by Kirsten Middeke, Jan-Peer Hartmann & Jan Hecker-Stampehl. Pictures by Urs Hartmann (front, 2000), Nils Hartmann (inside, 2000) & Björn Kozempel (back, 2005).

Song lyrics

Scenes From A Dream

Music: Falk Hartmann
Lyrics: Jan-Peer Hartmann

Gray falls the night,
Daylight has died,
Shapes are fading.
A lawn opens wide,
A house full of light,
Rays pervading the night.
Yet out of sight
In her chamber she cried
Oh for leaving.
Could she but hide
From the faces that might
See her grieving.

Pale dawns the day,
Hard on the clay
She is waking.
Wand'ring thoughts stray
As night fades to gray,
Dreams forsaking her.
Gone is the hall,
The grounds of the ball
Lie deserted.
Will she recall
The visions her mind had exerted?

Falk ~ voice, acoustic & electric guitars, bass
Jan-Peer ~ voice, acoustic & electric guitars
Jan ~ piano & keyboards
Nils ~ drums, frog, recorder, backing vocals

Every Wave Its Prey

Music & Lyrics: Falk Hartmann

When summer was gone
We said goodbye,
We were whispering our prayers
And looked to the sky.
All of my friends,
The waves of the seas,
Were gathering at my feet
As if they were in welcome
Surrounding me.

In our dreams
We wished they'd collide.
We were waiting for hours,
Awaiting the tide.
And no one understands
What we've become.
All of a sudden
The waves I've missed for so long
Were tossing me around.

The gold of the sea
Was suddenly gone,
Hidden by dark clouds
That were covering the sun.
No one understands
What we'll become.
Like a promise
The waves that drown us all
Keep crashing in...

Falk ~ voice, acoustic guitar, bass
Nils ~ drums
Jan-Peer ~ electric guitar
Jan ~ keyboards

The Path

Music: Falk & Jan-Peer Hartmann, Paul Lesnę
Lyrics: Jan-Peer Hartmann

Over the bridge, past briar and brook,
Behind the ridge: a red riding hood.
Dancing and singing and hopping and springing
Like unto a fawn in the wood.
Berries I gather by rock, stream and heather,
Sweet tasty and good.

Into the wood, where willows grow wild.
Mellow and sweet, the morning sun mild.
Flowers and berries and wild-growing cherries
Dear mother I gather for you!
And if I stray I'll keep sight of the way,
I promise I'll do!

Though all is dark
  there's a light in my heart
That will guide my way home
  when I feel all alone.
There's a father who cares
  how each child of His fares,
And to Him I will call,
  lest I stumble and fall, Need not be so afraid,
  though it's dark and it's late,
But the shadows they grow,
  I've got nowhere to go . . .

Maja ~ voice, flute, glockenspiel
Mira ~ piano & keyboards
Jan-Peer ~ acoustic 6- & 12-string guitars, classical guitar, choir, birds
Falk ~ acoustic guitar, bass, choir
Paul ~ acoustic & electric guitars
Nils ~ drums, classical guitar, choir

Way To The Sun

Music: Falk Hartmanny
Lyrics: Jan-Peer Hartmann

A crack in the clouds opens wide without sound
It stands open
Like a gate towards the late evening sun.

A road made of light leading out of the night
Lies before us,
Over oceans deep it leads to the sun.

All land around in deep shadows is drowned
Under night's cloak.
A land full of light far beyond endless night
Lies ahead.

The evening sky now gets darker, yet I
Still do linger.
Though the gate now starts to fade ~ day is gone.

The world lies behind, you say make up your mind
Let us go now.
And upon this sunlit path we move on.

You take my hand and we're leaving this land
Filled with shadows.
The last ray of light leads us out of the night
To the sun.

Maja ~ voice, flute
Jan-Peer ~ acoustic 6- & 12-string guitars, e-bow
Jan ~ piano
Nils ~ drums
Falk ~ bass
Kirsten ~ viola

A Perfect Place

Music: Jan-Peer, Nils & Falk Hartmann, Stefan Ermel, Paul Lesnę
Lyrics: Falk Hartmann

Fly me away to a place I'd like to find.
Hear what you say
But all those feelings in my mind
I tried to leave so far away behind.

Won't you stay, finally?
Why can't you say what you feel?
The memories bring pain,
I cry again in vain.

You're out of line.
You never felt the water rise,
You never stopped and realized.
Still have no time ~
I'm sinking deeper in this river,
I can't escape this endless shiver.

Why won’t you stay?
Drown with me.
Stay here today.
Can’t you say why you are still in pain?
Please flush away the rain.

She stood so far away from everything,
Alone and feeling lost, awaiting the first frost.
Into the forest where a scream was born
(A place she liked to find)
To leave her world behind.
She sat down by the river to watch it flow
As she began to cry
There's nowhere left to hide.
And when the night darkened her filthy face
It took away her fears
And swallowed up her tears.

She never liked to show her feelings
Or faith to anyone
To come along with what she'd done.
She never told me how she felt,
But when I saw her cry
She kissed the world goodbye.

Falk ~ voice, bass
Paul ~ electric guitar
Jan-Peer ~ electric guitar
Nils ~ drums, backing voice
Jan ~ piano & keyboards
Kirsten ~ viola, backing voice

The Path (Reprise)

Music: Nils Hartmann

Nils ~ classical guitar
Jan ~ piano
Jan-Peer ~ classical guitar, e-bow


Music & Lyrics: Nils Hartmann
dedicated to Marion

Mists rise from the waters,
Dawn calls forth the day.
Coldness turns to warmth,
Darkness into light.

Dew recalls the melody of night
As the forest falls asleep,
Dreaming deep.

Red glows the morning sun,
Sending light to me.
Glittering ripples reveal the new day.

Nils ~ voice, classical guitar, drums
Maja ~ flute, voice
Mira ~ piano & keyboards
Falk ~ bass
Paul ~ acoustic & electric guitars
Jan-Peer ~ 12-string guitar, e-bow
Marion Bauer ~ flamenco guitar